Outstanding Candidates

Identifying and hiring the most qualified candidates can be challenging.

We’ve been helping employers with this often daunting task for years, but only within health promotion related fields as that’s our field.  Today we’re announcing a new initiative to connect highly qualified professionals with the employers who want the best, brightest, most passionate professionals in health education, health promotion and health and wellness coaching virtually everywhere.

How can we determine who fits into this selective group?

  1. They are the professionals in health education and health promotion who have gone above and beyond to earn the voluntary credential CHES. The Certified Health Education Specialist credential demonstrates commitment to professional excellence.
  2. Within the fast-expanding field of health and wellness coaching the NBC-HWC, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach certification is the gold standard for the field. Gives employers a benchmark for excellence.

How we support employers who we serve:

If your job description includes the verbiage of requiring or preferring: CHES, MCHES or NBC-HWC we will advertise your job opportunity at NO COST.

We’re 100% confident that we can assist employers in identifying candidates who are outstanding in their field.


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